We’re back!!

Pinups for BTRC is back and fabulous as ever!

We took a year off to regroup, re-energize and reorganize, and it has paid off!.  The 2014 calendar project was a huge success and so we came back for more … and hopefully we’ll be raising even more funds!  We’ve got a new photographer, Laura of Pawsh Studios is on board!  We started shooting in March and now it’s time for layouts.  The theme the 2016 Pinups For BTRC Charity Calendar Project is Boston Tea Party … and it’s completely gone to the dogs!  Our lovely volunteer models have taken a backseat this time and let the Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier X’s be the stars.  It’s time for their closeup!  Many of these beauties are former rescues, some BTRC alumni, and they’re ready to show the world their happy tails and grins.  Finding that furever home is truly the greatest joy, for them and their lucky pet parents.

The calendar will go on sale for September 2015, for the donation price of $15.00 CDN.  It will be sold online through our blog using PayPal and at BTRC events across Canada. Some BTRC volunteers and sponsors of the calendar in your area may also take a list of pre-orders as well.  We’ll be sure to let you know who and where these opportunities are.  But have no fear, there are plenty of ways to get your paws on this baby before they sell out!

Check out the latest update on the project Pawsh Blog!

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Tis almost 2014!! Why not a fabulous contest to bring in the new year!?

Our lovely Bath Time calendar page with the gorgeous Shannon and her two rescue babies Basel & Lulu, and on the right are the two lovely Rubenacker posters up for grabs (Love & Bath Time)!

Our lovely Bath Time calendar page with the gorgeous Shannon and her two rescue babies Basel & Lulu, and on the right are the two lovely Rubenacker posters up for grabs (Love & Bath Time)!

In less than 48 hours it will be 2014!  Almost time to “pin-up” our Pinups for BTRC 2014 Charity Calendar!  Sales have been great and there are still a few copies left.  Right now is a great time to order!!  We have a contest running with three great prizes!!

Drum roll …..
We’re pleased to announce that all Pinups for BTRC 2014 Charity Calendars purchased online through our blog (https://pinupsforbtrc.wordpress.com/calendar-2/) or the BTRC website (http://www.bostonterrierrescuecanada.com/paws-up-for-our-pinups-charity-calendar-2014/) between 17 December 2013 and December 31st 2013 at 11:59pm will have a chance to win one of three awesome prizes!

What are we barking about? A chance for your name to be plucked at random from the proverbial hat in the New Year. Boston beans, that’s awesome!!   Three lucky names will be drawn, two have a chance at winning a whimsical Boston Terrier print generously donated to us by Michigan artist, Brian Rubenacker. His work has been described with delight by some critics as “precocious art”. The two prints up for grabs — entitled “Bath Time” and “LOVE” – are charming and joyful depictions of our favourite breed. And the other prize up for grabs is an awesome Earth Rated Prize Pack: a pack of refill rolls, a dispenser, a pack of handle bags, a pack of compostable bags and an Earth Rated notebook. Ask anyone who uses their bags, they are the BEST ever!  

So, to sum up, anyone who buys our calendar online has a shot at winning one of three fantastic prizes!!!  But remember this wonderful contest ends at 11:59pm on December 31st!


Calendars are $15 each and ALL proceeds go to BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE CANADA. Once your order is placed through Paypal here on our blog or the BTRC website, your name is automatically entered into the draw. That’s it! Easy, peasy, Boston squeezy!

Check out all of Brian’s wonderful art on FB (https://www.facebook.com/BrianRubenackerStudios) and his Etsy Store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/rubenacker)

Also check out Earth Rated on the web (http://earthrated.com/our-products/) and on FB (https://www.facebook.com/EarthRated). They have been a great sponsor and wonderful friend to BTRC.

Happy Holidays, Everybody!! xoxo

**Note: This contest is for online purchases of the calendar only, through the above listed websites. It does not apply to store purchases, purchases through a BTRC volunteer or at a BTRC event, any purchases prior to today, etc.. It also does not apply to purchases made for the Giving Tree, or donations made through the BTRC website and its affiliates that are not a direct calendar purchase.
***For those in Southern Ontario who want to shop at a store: There are a list of places on our blogsite that carry the calendar to sell (KW has Delirium ClothingGlobal Pet Foods KWMachado Photography; Guelph has Stigmata Body Art locations; Paris has the Amelia Biscuit Company Inc. {Gourmet Dog Treats}, Wellesley Vet Clinic in Wellesley has a few; and Leamington has Ruffin’s Pet Centres). In Edmonton, Alberta, Rowena/Retro Glam (https://www.retroglam.com) has a few in store too!!  We should also mention that Amelia Biscuit company is offering special coupons for treats if you buy a copy there.

The Calendar has gone to print!!

Can you believe it, Marty!? The calendar is off printing!!

Can you believe it, Marty!? The calendar is off printing!!

On Thursday 19 September, the calendar was uploaded to the printer. It will take about a week to finish printing, and so right now it looks like on/by 30 September the calendar will be on sale. The price – $15. All proceeds going to BTRC. We are printing 1,000 copies, so be sure and get yours before they’re gone!

The first place where you can get your copy (or several) will be at Bostoberfest in Bowmanville, which takes place 29 September. This being an event hosted by BTRC and one where lots of Boston owners and admirers attend, and so it is the perfect place to kick off calendar sales. Shortly after that, it will be available in some stores (we are compiling a list right now and it will be available here on the blog) and we will be selling some online through the blog as well (a new tab will be set up with a form and PayPal payment button). This will all be set up over this week, so hang tight and stay tuned!

Other merchandise is in the works as well, and when we have items to sell there will be an announcement here and on our FB page. We also have a calendar launch party in the works, 1940’s pinup style, and a whole host of other fun events and things in mind. We will spill the Boston beans on all of this stuff later.

The Final Shoot – 21 July 2013

Group Shot 1

Jen & Kimberly, Sisters in Arms ... & Cupcakes

Jen & Kim, Sisters in Arms … & Cupcakes

The final shoot finally happened! It’s been a long process & we’ve had some ups & downs, but we were triumphant!!

We were very lucky ladies that day – the stars aligned for us and the shoot was fantastic! Jennie, our usual hair & makeup person, wasn’t available but thankfully my good friend Heather Farmer was in town for the weekend visiting. Heather is a very skilled makeup artist who does hair, & she did an amazing job!!! Since Tiffany’s studio wasn’t ready we needed to find a space, & Vidyard (where her boyfriend & a good friend both work) graciously let us borrow their gorgeous office space for the day. Thanks to Vidyard again for that!! One of our ladies had to drop out, but thankfully our friend Kyla (she’s Miss January in the calendar) had a friend who could come on short notice — so, introducing, Beth!! Beth will be our Miss April.

We needed to shoot February (Valentine’s Day) & April (Easter). Since Jen bakes & owns a dog bakery/store, we thought it would be cute to do Valentine’s Day baking … baking with luv (awwww). The ladies of the Honey Bake Shop here in Waterloo have some amazing painted fake cakes in their shop, & they let us borrow a couple!! They do some amazing real cakes too. They also baked us some yummy cupcakes – goodies for pictures & after pictures. Thanks to the Honey Bake Shop!! You ladies ROCK!!

We started at 10am, as usual. Tiffany & I set to work on the set; Heather set to work making Beth & Jen pinup pretty for their pictures. The dogs on hand were a familiar cute crew: Tank, Rosie Bird & Bella. We had a great day of laughs & fun, & when it was all done we had yummy cupcakes to eat. mmmmm …

So, now it is up to our fabulous layout ladies to get this calendar into shape. If all goes to plan, this thing will be on sale in mid to late September. We’ll post when it’s ready & share information on how you can get yours. For now, take a peak at the behind the scenes shots from this final shoot.



April 21st – The Third Shoot

Judy, Shannon, Laura, Kimberly (with champagne in her shoes), Jennie, & Tiffany ... & Bettie

Judy, Shannon, Laura, Kimberly (with champagne in her shoes), Jennie, & Tiffany … & Bettie

This entry is a bit late, but better late than never. Things have just been crazy for everyone – before, during & after this shoot. Hopefully the chaos slows down for the 4th shoot, which should be sometime in May or possibly June.

The third shoot was another full & fun day. We had 4 models, 7 Bostons & some partners/husbands there for the ride.

The ‘Where & When’:  Machado Photography Studio (Waterloo, Ontario), 9:30/10am

Who was there?: Laura & her BT baby girl Fiona; Shannon with her sweet & crazy three BTs Bettie, Basel, & Lulu; Judy with her handsome BT man Marty; Marlene & her daughter Kate, along with Marlene’s BT cuties Benny & Lucy. And of course our lovely photographer Tiffany, along with her wonderful assistant Becky, our fabulous hair & makeup wonder woman Jennie, & me.

Who modelled?: Laura, Shannon, Judy, & Kate.

Judy, Shannon, Laura, Kimberly (with champagne in her shoes), Jennie, & Tiffany ... & Basel

Judy, Shannon, Laura, Kimberly (with champagne in her shoes), Jennie, & Tiffany … & Basel

I really thought i could live blog from the set but things were just too hectic to do it. Maybe next time though it will work out, our last shoot will be small. But i gotta admit i preferred spending time with the ladies over more time in front of the computer (like i need to do anymore of that), especially with there being a few gals i had only met online & never in person.

The day started like the rest — hair & makeup with Jennie started around 10am, ladies & dogs arrived throughout the morning, & things got rolling in the studio from there. The day really went off without a hitch. Everyone made it to the studio, we had NO dog accidents at all & only one scuffle that was short, so really it was a smooth day. Paul & Laura brought champagne, so that made things nice & bubbly (i got a glass full of it in my shoe when posing for the group shot – Thanks, Jennie!). It was a lot of fun getting to know the ladies better & watching them get into pinup mode. It was also great watching the doggie Dads help out with their babies (quite a few of our BTs were Dad’s dogs) – the cookies & treats, the calls, the squeaks & squirrel noises, the baby talk … it was really fun to watch. I think Dan’s hand or half his body are in pictures as much as his lovely wife Shannon. Haha! I shot a couple of short videos of him helping Tiffany out with the 3 BT babies, trying to get them to sit with Shannon. It was 40 mins of Benny Hill type fun – get one sitting then another pops up & leaves, etc.

Jennie, Tiffany, Becky & I were having a good time on set. Tiffany, Becky & i got really goofy after everyone left, we almost killed Tiffany by making her laugh while she was eating. We’ll blame it on the champagne!

The gallery of ‘behind the scenes’ shots below were taken by both Tiffany & Becky. The next promo posters will hopefully be available soon, & maybe a few blooper shots as well.