The Final Shoot – 21 July 2013

Group Shot 1

Jen & Kimberly, Sisters in Arms ... & Cupcakes

Jen & Kim, Sisters in Arms … & Cupcakes

The final shoot finally happened! It’s been a long process & we’ve had some ups & downs, but we were triumphant!!

We were very lucky ladies that day – the stars aligned for us and the shoot was fantastic! Jennie, our usual hair & makeup person, wasn’t available but thankfully my good friend Heather Farmer was in town for the weekend visiting. Heather is a very skilled makeup artist who does hair, & she did an amazing job!!! Since Tiffany’s studio wasn’t ready we needed to find a space, & Vidyard (where her boyfriend & a good friend both work) graciously let us borrow their gorgeous office space for the day. Thanks to Vidyard again for that!! One of our ladies had to drop out, but thankfully our friend Kyla (she’s Miss January in the calendar) had a friend who could come on short notice — so, introducing, Beth!! Beth will be our Miss April.

We needed to shoot February (Valentine’s Day) & April (Easter). Since Jen bakes & owns a dog bakery/store, we thought it would be cute to do Valentine’s Day baking … baking with luv (awwww). The ladies of the Honey Bake Shop here in Waterloo have some amazing painted fake cakes in their shop, & they let us borrow a couple!! They do some amazing real cakes too. They also baked us some yummy cupcakes – goodies for pictures & after pictures. Thanks to the Honey Bake Shop!! You ladies ROCK!!

We started at 10am, as usual. Tiffany & I set to work on the set; Heather set to work making Beth & Jen pinup pretty for their pictures. The dogs on hand were a familiar cute crew: Tank, Rosie Bird & Bella. We had a great day of laughs & fun, & when it was all done we had yummy cupcakes to eat. mmmmm …

So, now it is up to our fabulous layout ladies to get this calendar into shape. If all goes to plan, this thing will be on sale in mid to late September. We’ll post when it’s ready & share information on how you can get yours. For now, take a peak at the behind the scenes shots from this final shoot.




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