The Calendar has gone to print!!

Can you believe it, Marty!? The calendar is off printing!!

Can you believe it, Marty!? The calendar is off printing!!

On Thursday 19 September, the calendar was uploaded to the printer. It will take about a week to finish printing, and so right now it looks like on/by 30 September the calendar will be on sale. The price – $15. All proceeds going to BTRC. We are printing 1,000 copies, so be sure and get yours before they’re gone!

The first place where you can get your copy (or several) will be at Bostoberfest in Bowmanville, which takes place 29 September. This being an event hosted by BTRC and one where lots of Boston owners and admirers attend, and so it is the perfect place to kick off calendar sales. Shortly after that, it will be available in some stores (we are compiling a list right now and it will be available here on the blog) and we will be selling some online through the blog as well (a new tab will be set up with a form and PayPal payment button). This will all be set up over this week, so hang tight and stay tuned!

Other merchandise is in the works as well, and when we have items to sell there will be an announcement here and on our FB page. We also have a calendar launch party in the works, 1940’s pinup style, and a whole host of other fun events and things in mind. We will spill the Boston beans on all of this stuff later.


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